Biodiversity has been increasingly awarded of importance throughout the world since the Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The Research Center for Biodiversity, China Medical University was founded in August, 2006 to promote the research in the central Taiwan. The Center directed by Academician C. H. Chou is trying to promote and enhance the research activities, involving genetic diversity, species diversity and ecosystems diversity. Because of limited financial support from the university, all activities are entirely supported by grants outside of campus. The Center comprises the director Dr. C. H. Chou and a full time secretary Ms. H .Y. Lin and several adjunct scholars from the CMU. Three divisions include Ecosystem Diversity Division, Genetic Diversity Division, Biotechnology Industry Division. During past six years, thematic research projects have been conducted as follows:

  1. The impact of climate change on plant diversity of alpine vegetation in Taiwan.
  2. The discovery of natural products from diversity of Chinese herbs, such as Solanum species which exhibits anti cancer, anti Helicobacter pylori and allelopathic activity.
  3. The discovery of natural products from Fastsia polycarpa, revealed several new structure Oleosin type triterpenoids.
  4. Allelopathic potential of several dominant vegetations, such as Rhododendron formosanum, Polygonum polycarpa, and Alstonia scholaris, and Litchi chinensis.
  5. Molecular phylogeny of Phalaenopsis blime.
  6. Ecotoxicology of fresh water in Taiwan.

All aforementioned researches have resulted in more than 100 papers published in SCI journals within last 5 years.

In addition to the scientific achievements, the RCB has so far held 3 international conferences, namely,

  1. International Symposium on Global Mountain Biodiversity” held on June 8-12, 2008.
  2. Darwin 200International Symposium on Global Biodiversity, Human Health and Well-Being” held on Dec.3-9, 2009.
  3. “International Symposium on Ecosystem Service and Human Well-Being” held on May 4-6, 2012.

These symposia have promoted the international bilateral collaborative research between USA-Taiwan, and UK-Taiwan, and enhanced visibility of the Center and CMU.

We wish the Center continuously grows to promote the research on biodiversity and ecosystem service in the future.